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Student Services

Please fill out the appropiate form below to request any other the available student services. 

Transcripts have a cost of $15 each. In order for the school to process your request, please submit your payment by calling our office at 305.223.0506. Transcript orders will not be produced without prior payment. 

Please fill out the Change of Name form, if you name or last name changed due to marriage.

All students need to complete the Change of Status Form if they wish to change the status of your program, request a leave of absence, withdraw from a program or cancel their registration.

Genesis Vocational Institute

Class Schedule

GENESIS VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE has open registration for all programs. Class schedules will be given to students on the first day of classes.   

Academic Advisement

Faculty will perform academic advisement as needed. Campus administration may become involved at times in academic advisement sessions when needed. 

Student Records

The Records Office is the designated custodian of all official student academic records. The office maintains official student transcripts, processes final grades at the end of each term and updates student records with address, name and approved grade changes.


It provides both official and unofficial copies of student academic records to students or other individuals, institutions or agencies upon request from students. 


This office also provides official certifications of student enrollment and academic status to other agencies such as the insurance companies and financial institutions. 


Hard copy of Final Grade Reports is provided at the student’s request from the Records Office. The Records Office is also responsible for processing applications for diplomas and certificates.


The school will retain student records in a fire-proof file cabinet or a duplicate record shall be kept at a separate location and available to students upon individual request. Student records will be provided to potential employers only after the student has made a written request.

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