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electrocardiograph classes in miami


This course lasts 8 weeks

The Electrocardiograph Technician program is designed to train students to perform the duties and functions of an Electrocardiograph Technician. Students will learn the cardiovascular system and its functions and pathology of diseases, law and ethics relative to the electrocardiograph technician and duty function in the medical chain of command.


Students will demonstrate knowledge and apply skills in using medical instrumentation modalities relevant to the function of an electrocardiograph technician.

You will receive professional instruction in all aspects of electrocardigraph, preparing you to pass the National Certification Exam, and start your successful new career


  • HIV/AIDS Education

  • CPR-Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

  • Health Science Core Fundamentals

  • Structure and Function of the Cardiovascular System & Related

  •  Medical Terminology

  • Laws and Ethical Standards of Electrocardiography

  • EKG Instrumentation and Modalities

  • Patient Preparation and Care Procedures

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