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Faculty is licensed as a Certified Professional Coder Instructor of AAPC and AHIMA

As per AAPC: “The AAPC credential is nationally recognized by employers, medical societies and government organizations. They are a great way to start a career in medical coding and the recent medical coding salary survey suggests that AAPC certified coders earn significantly more than non-credentialed coders”

It’s a well-known fact that careers in the healthcare field are booming. However. Medical coders transform procedures, diagnoses, and medical services and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric numbers. These codes are used to file patient data for insurance purposes. Medical coders are crucial to healthcare.

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There are many advantages of medical certifications.


1- Certifications let the employers know that you have learned the skills needed to work in the healthcare field.
2- It gives you confidence to work independently and it reassures employers.
3- Certifications provide a high advantage over those who are not certified.
4- Coders with credentials earn more than those without one.

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